Elderly Woman Sexually Assault in Her Home

An elderly woman in Maryland was allegedly a victim of sexual assault in her own home recently. Police claim that a man forcibly entered her home and victimized her. Currently, the man is at large but police are still investigating the reported sexual assault incident.

The incident purportedly occurred late one evening when the woman heard a noise in her home. While checking on the noise, she discovered that a man had broken into her home. The Maryland woman claims that she was grabbed and that the man then proceeded to violate her. He fled from the home before police arrived.

Law enforcement spent an extensive time canvassing the neighborhood, yet the man was not found. They also employed dogs to track the man and tried to find witness accounts, yet no one was found who could help with the case. There is no indication if there was any physical evidence in the home that could implicate the man or help determine his identity. The victim was able to give police a description of the man and the description has been released to the public.

Although the man has not been found, he could be facing serious consequences if authorities to track him down and bring criminal allegations against him. Even if charges are filed, however, it is important for the community to remember that someone identified as a suspect in a sexual assault case should still be considered innocent until and only if proven guilty. In the event that an individual is accused of committing this alleged sexual assault, they would likely be best served to thoroughly research their rights under Maryland law.

Source: wusa.com, Man sexually assaults elderly woman in Md. home, No author, Feb. 22, 2014