Drug Possession Charges Lead to University Queen Resigning

A Maryland college student, recently crowned campus queen, is facing legal trouble after charges for drug possession. The issues have led to the student relinquishing her crown in the face of the well-publicized incident. In addition to the drug possession charges, the young woman was also involved in an altercation with campus police.

The woman was recently involved in a supposedly public and embarrassing situation with campus police. According to the report, she was then arrested for marijuana possession a few days later. If she is convicted of all the charges she faces, consequences could include jail time and several hundred dollars in fines and fees.

The Maryland college student stepped down from her leadership position on campus after the two incidents. Additionally, there is no indication if the young woman has entered a plea or if she plans to fight the charges she faces. While law enforcement did apparently catch her with a small amount of marijuana, it may be possible for her to pursue the lowest possible fines and penalties from the drug possession charge.

Because drug possession charges can bring serious consequences, it may be possible to question the actions of law enforcement or the evidence brought against her. If she chooses to fight these charges, she could benefit from the assistance of a legal team to help her in this process. Fighting legal charges of any kind may be difficult, and it may be best to carefully review all of the available options before determining the best way to proceed. What may be beneficial in one situation may not be applicable for the next legal situation.

Source: delawareonline.com, Campus queen gives up crown after arrest, Deborah Gates, Feb. 28, 2014