• Mr. Hall saved us!
    A criminal charge is never expected by most families. The urgency, seriousness, and despair can be understood only by the people or their families who had that experience. My son was charged with a misdemeanor which had never been imagined based on his school life. Mr. Hall was strongly recommended by my trusted colleague’s spouse who is also an attorney. With a wish to grab a straw in the middle of a miserable feeling, I left a message to his staff member, a nice lady, who had always been kind and calm. He called me back in the afternoon on the same day. My first impression of him was his confidence without hesitation and knowledge. He explained the process in detail, and we met after a week. I was surprised by his insight about the key aspects of the case and whom he should contact. To me, he had eyes seeing the whole picture from above and more than a sufficient network to get the necessary information and help in my county. Moreover, he showed understanding and emotional support, which is, I believe, a rare skill to the professional who deals with the law. He treated us as respectful human beings. He told us that there was a chance that my son could receive a stet, but the verdict was leaning toward PBJ in the process. On the court day, the final verdict my son recieved was stet! A miracle happened to us. Mr. Hall did not give up the possibility of stet and tried his every effort during the painful five weeks and even in court. Like an excellent pilot in severe turbulence when passengers can have no control, Mr. Hall persistently and nicely maneuvered our case so we could survive the worst experience in our lives. My wife and I sincerely appreciate Mr. Hall for saving my son’s future and us. If my friends ask me, I will strongly recommend him without any reservations.

    - Former Client

  • Great Lawyer!
    Our son was a college student at Salisbury University and was wrongfully charged with first degree rape, which can carry a life sentence! We knew on the advice of attorneys in our hometown to find a lawyer in the area who knew the way things worked in Wicomico County. Mr. Hall was a former prosecutor so he knows how both sides think, and he knows the judges! William worked diligently on our sons case through the help of a private detective and an expert witness to prove to the state that this was not a rape case at all and had the matter resolved to a simple misdamenaor with a "time served" sentence. All the other charges were dropped! William took the time to answer our questions and and kept us updated every step of the way! He never made us feel like we were bothering him and understood how difficult this was on our family. Most importantly, he genuninely cared about our son and was able to get him his freedom back! If you ever find yourself in any kind of trouble on the Eastern shore don't hesitate to call William Hall! We're sure glad we did!

    - Former Client


    William Hall is an amazing attorney. He was very professional and down to Earth. I was charged with 10 charges against me everything was dropped and put onto a stet docket. No court fees, no probation nothing. It was all done with in about 5-10 minutes. AMAZING I truly recommend this man it couldn't have gone better. Thank you for all you do your the best

    This review is from a person who hired this attorney.

    - Andrew

  • He is a great man and serves justice!!!
    Mr. Hall represented my brother. He went above and beyond. He was always in contact with my mother every step of the way never told her anything that wasn't true. My family was so nervous but once he went to action everything was at ease. He talked with the DA and had them take a look at the evidence and the charges were dropped! He is a great man and serves justice!!!

    - Former Client

  • Best DUI/DWI Lawyer..HANDS DOWN!! Mr. Hall is a ROCKSTAR! (WORTH THE READ)
    Honestly, HIRE HIM ASAP! I was a complete mess after my arrest since this was my 3rd DUI arrest but Mr. Hall is super easy going and put my mind at ease. There were some grey areas in my case and I did not blow or take the field tests but I was still expecting some probation, community service and having to wear the ankle bracelet for an amount of time but that wasn't the case! Mr. Hall walked in there like the Zorro of lawyers and tore my case apart. Slicing and dicing the prosecution providing more than enough reasonable doubt in my case that the judge had no other choice to find me NOT GUILTY! I can't recommend him enough!! Don't think about it, JUST HIRE HIM!! Thanks again, Mr. Hall!!!

    - MFE, III

  • Case closed. In and out!
    I hired William based on the reviews on avvo and I’m so happy that I did. I was not quite sure what to expect when my court date arrived. He calmed my nerves and assured me that my case would be handled easily. When I arrived in court, I think my case was less than 5 minutes. This man definitely knows what he is doing! This all took place during the COVID 19 pandemic as well. Very professional attorney. If you don’t want the truth from William, then don’t ask.

    - Trent

  • Definitely recommend
    Me. Hall got me a great deal considering my lengthy record. I’d definitely recommend him.

    - Anon

  • Outstanding Service From Mr. Hall
    I had a drug possession charge, which was my first offence. I was worried and scared. I hired Mr. Hall because of all the attorneys I spoke with, I could tell that Mr. Hall had a genuine concern for the outcome of my case. I could tell that he was experienced and knew what he was doing. By the time my court date came I ended up not even having to go to court because of Mr. Hall. I ended up with a very favorable outcome. I am also a college student, and knowing that Mr. Hall was very flexible while working with me. I would recommend him to anyone.

    - Marshall

  • best of the best for a reason
    Hired Mr. Hall for a dui case, a one that resulted in my car being totaled. I thought I was going to jail and Mr. Hall, through his knowledge of the courts, kept me out of there. I strongly recommend him. He is the best.

    - Anon

  • Unbelievable Lawyer!
    Thought the state was going to wreck my world and he left me walking out of the courtroom on cloud 9 and feeling luckier than I've ever felt. Would recommend this man to anyone.

    - Former Client

  • Outstanding Representation!!
    I knew William long before he became a trusted attorney, and I know how hard he has worked to gain the knowledge, respect, and courtroom expertise he uses every day to help his clients. Recently I was involved in a complicated and dangerous traffic incident, and the charges against me were extremely severe, as were the potential penalties. They included multiple fines, jail time, license suspension, and work-related consequences. There was no doubt who I needed to call. William immediately took my case and did his best to calm my anxiety. I was a nervous wreck. After my initial consultation, he mapped out a professional strategy that clearly defined every step of the process. He answered all my questions and instructed me on everything I needed to do...or more importantly...what not to do! He made himself available and was responsive to all my emails and phone calls. On our day in court, he covered every angle and anticipated every move by the prosecutor and judge. What seemed to be an impossible outcome in my favor, he expertly arranged for a plea agreement that enabled me to achieve the best sentence possible. I am truly grateful for everything he was able to accomplish on my behalf. If you are ever in trouble, William Hall needs to be your first phone call. I would recommend him over any other lawyer in the Salisbury MD area. He will do whatever it takes to win your case!!

    - Former Client

  • Very pleased with the outcome!!
    This was my first time dealing with the court system, he helped educate me on the process and got me out of a sticky situation. Very pleased with the outcome!!

    - Former Client

  • If you ever need an aggressive DUI lawyer, he's the one.
    I was charged with a DUI in April. Needless to say, I was very stressed out. When I first consulted with Mr. Hall, he immediately made me feel at ease. So, I went with my gut and decided to hire Mr. Hall. He was very professional and excellent in court. He came prepared and was able to use the video evidence in my favor. I got the charges dropped and only paid a small fine for speeding 48mph on the 40-speed limit. I can't thank Mr. Hall enough. If you ever need an aggressive DUI lawyer, he's the one.

    - Former Client

  • The best there is
    My boyfriend and I got into an unfortunate situation last summer when visiting OC, MD. We were beyond scared of the repercussions from one silly night and the effects it may have on our futures. We talked to various lawyers explaining the events and trying to find the best to support us. Mr. Hall was our man for the job. Not only did he support us, listen to us, and thoroughly explain the process to us but he also recognized that one bad night did not defind our relationship or who we are as people. Mr. Hall remained in contact until the job was completely and represented us both having both our records expunged. If you want an honest man who will answer your calls, get to the best solution, and be sure your rights are fought, Mr. Hall is the man.
    Undislosed, PA
  • Promises Delivered
    Mr. William Hall brings you in with his warmth and friendly personality, gives you a step-by-step layout of the events to follow, and then proceeds to smash the case with flying colors. You are garunteed to come out with the best possible results. He is willing even years to come to take any follow-up questions, showing that he truly cares about his clients.

    - Anonymous

    Salisbury, MD
    Trustworthy, smart and professional... The allegations against me were very scary and potentially life ruining. I am a freshly graduated Salisbury University student. I found that there were allegations of rape made against me by my coworker. I called around for help but ultimately made the right move going with Mr. Hall. William had great knowledge and advice that got my family and I to get through a tough time, and his experience with Eastern Shore and cases like mine proved to be crucial. What was a very serious and stressful situation quickly dissolved into NO CRIMINAL CHARGES against me. No criminal record, no court rooms, no nothing! Now I can get on with my life in peace. All the gratitude and thanks to William Hall. Simply the best.
  • We knew what to expect- best choice in Salisbury MD/ Eastern Shore
    If you need a defense attorney, Mr. Hall is your bet choice. My son had gotten into trouble while away at college- a lot of trouble, but Mr. Hall helped our family through the process and to a very good outcome. He kept us informed, was extremely respectful, and worked with the prosecutor to get a very fair deal for my son and give him hope for the future. I did check out other attorneys in the area and had actually hired one before changing to Mr. Hall- he is the best you are going to get- period. I would recommend Mr. Hall to a family member that needed help in a minute.

    - Highly Satisfied Client

  • Mr. Hall is the best!
    I would recommend recommend William Hall in a heartbeat. My family had two serious cases in the last two years that could have landed each person in jail. But Mr. Hall took our cases, and with his knowledge of the law and the local court system, he was able to show the court that we had made minor, but unintentional mistakes regarding the law, and that fines were the more appropriate punishment in each case...and not jail time. Not only that, but William really treated us like he cared. I can sincerely say that He is a lawyer who is not chasing the money, and really fought for me and my family in court. If we had a question, he always called us back in a timely manner. He treats you with respect no matter what. When we need legal help there, the one attorney I call on Delmarva is William Hall.
  • Gladly and highly recommend William Hall
    Mr. Hall helped me to get out of a tough DWI case. When I first visited Mr. Hall, he was very attentive to my concerns, and immediately made me feel comfortable. In spite of an unfortunate situation, his help proved extremely positive throughout the whole process. I was a nervous wreck and he made me feel hopeful and let me know that he will be able to help me. On court day, he was diligent and I could feel the respect he has gained from both the judicial officials and the prosecutor. I am eternally grateful for his advise - he will help anyone who needs legal representation. He is a caring, knowledgeable, and experienced attorney.
  • Eastern Shore Lawyer
    Attorney Hall assisted a family member in OC. It was a very sensitive matter that Mr. Hall handled in a discrete manner which resulted in a favorable outcome. Our family remains truly grateful for the expert help Mr. Hall provided.
  • Excellent Attorney, appropriate price, not guilty.
    William Hall provided phenomenal personal service at a reasonable rate on a very nasty speeding ticket. His representation resulted in a Not Guilty, which is always the preferred outcome. As an out of state offender attending my court date was not possible. He is a gentleman and conducts his business accordingly. I am certain he has clients that are more lucrative and yet I felt like a priority. Best attorney experience I have had and I have had a few.
  • Out of state
    I am an out of state resident. Mr Hall handle the case with extreme professionalism and was able to reduce the charges to the minimum. I would recommend Mr Hall to anyone needing an attorney.
  • Great service
    In the late summer of 2013 I was in a nasty case with 6 charges against me. Mr. Hall was able to bring it down to 1 charge, I could've been away for 10 years but got 2 years probation instead. During these 2 years it has been an elongated process but he was attentive and informative the entire time. He was fair in his price and overall a genuine person. He had a pleasant personality and was knowledgeable of how the court system in his area functions.
  • Highly Recommended
    I contacted William Hall to see if he could do a modification on all 5 of my sentences. He returned my letter and set up a meeting with me and said he would take the case. Mr. Hall took my case when all other lawyers told me I had no chance of get my sentence modified. After hiring him he had me a court date within 6 months which is unheard of, he had my 5 sentences modified and out of a very tough place in 6 months. I will always be grateful to him for all his hard work and staying in contact with me and my family through out the whole process!! He was honest with everything he could do and would do. I recommend him to everyone I know that needs any legal advice!! William Hall is by far the best lawyer I have ever hired!!!
  • Ocean City Assault
    Mr. Hall took on a very difficult case where I was looking at active time for an incident in Ocean City. Because of his hard work and skill, and his knowledge of the judge and prosecution, I walked away with no conviction. I strongly urge you to call Mr. Hall for any of you legal needs.