Salisbury Martial Arts Sex Abuse Case Now Includes Second Suspect

Two former employees of Mitchell’s Martial Arts in Salisbury, Maryland are now facing numerous child sex abuse charges after accusations spread of their sexual misconduct with minors attending the martial arts academy. It has been confirmed that one of the employees, Zachariah Bennett, was terminated once the accusations came to light, and it is believed the second, Leah Wright, was as well. At this time, representatives of Mitchell’s Martial Arts are cooperating with investigators.

Details of the Sex Abuse Charges

Bennett is being held in Wicomico County Detention Center for 27 charges, including first degree rape, child abuse, and more. At least two of the three victims who have come forth so far, all aged between 13 and 15 years old, claimed to have performed sexual acts with Bennett and to have received text messages of a sexual nature. Bennett has apparently admitted to some of the accusations made by two of the victims.

Wright is also being held at the same detention center for her involvement in the incidents of sexual abuse. She is facing 21 child sex abuse charges for allegedly participating in at least one event of sexual misconduct with Bennett and a victim; Bennett has told investigators that Wright knew of the sexual acts and would often be a “lookout” for him while they were being performed.

Justice & Compensation for Victims

Although this story has only recently surfaced, statements from Bennett seem to indicate the criminal aspects of the victim’s stories are truthful. Families of the abused minors are now awaiting additional developments, including possible trial dates for both Bennett and Wright.

The topic of compensation for sexual abuse victims must also come into question. If either Bennett or Wright are convicted of at least one charge, they could face civil lawsuits from the families of the victims, namely pursuing punitive and nominal compensation, which would be rewarded to the plaintiffs as punishment for the defendant’s wrongdoing and for the plaintiff’s emotional trauma. It could also be that Mitchell’s Martial Arts is partially liable for compensatory damages, if it is determined that staff oversight was unreasonably lacking, or that a safe environment for children attending the martial arts courses was not provided.

(WMDT 47 has numerous stories and updates about this case as it develops.

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