Maryland Police Arrest Drug Distribution Leader

Maryland police have recently arrested a man who is believed to be in charge of a drug distributionring. He is now facing various charges related to drug distribution, drug possession and more. According to the police report, officials found the drugs during the raid of two different residences. The man was arrested as a result.

The raids came as part of the execution of two search warrants from Maryland law enforcement. The search resulted in the confiscation of drugs, specifically marijuana and cocaine. They also found a gun and several hundred dollars. Police estimate that the street value of the drugs that were seized amounted to almost one hundred thousand dollars.

The man arrested is considered to be the kingpin, or ringleader, of an extensive drug distribution operation. Some of the various charges that he faces include some gun charges, drug trafficking and more. There is no indication if he has secured legal representation to defend himself against these serious charges.

It appears that the man has previously been convicted of felony charges. Consequently, the results of these charges could be jail time, probation, fines, penalties and more. Because of the serious nature of these crimes, it would be in his best interest to begin to explore all of his options for building a strong criminal defense. While police have gathered evidence that could be incriminating, he should still be considered innocent unless he is proven to be otherwise. The man can only be convicted if there is clear evidence and documentation to validate the drug distribution charges brought against him, but even then a strong defense has the potential to lessen the charges.

Source:, Suspected Drug Kingpin Arrested in Cambridge, Megan Runser, Feb. 25, 2014