Drug Charges After Accidental Overdose-Related Death

A Maryland woman will face drug charges after her companion apparently died from a drug overdose. The woman did seek medical treatment for the man, but claimed that she had found him after he had already ingested the drugs. A further investigation revealed that the woman herself may have administered the fatal overdose and she will now face drug charges.

Maryland law enforcement claims that the woman prepared the morphine tablets and injected them into the man. The deceased man and the woman supposedly then purchased heroin, which authorities claim she also injected into the man. Shortly after the second drug injection, the man began to display symptoms of health issues from a potential overdose. The man was apparently dead when he arrived at the hospital.

The woman officially faces charges of second degree murder, manslaughter, administering drugs, reckless endangerment and distribution of drugs. If convicted, the woman faces the potential of serious consequences of jail time and more. It is believed that the she is also connected to a previous overdose death that was investigated by Maryland police. Both cases are under continued investigation.

Although she is facing serious criminal charges, this woman still has the right to seek legal information and build a criminal defense. It is important to note that she has not yet been convicted of any of these charges and unless the prosecution overcomes an overwhelming burden of proof, she is considered innocent. Drug charges are serious, especially when accompanied with other criminal issues. When facing a serious legal predicament, it is typically best to evaluate all defense options, including potential plea negotiations with authorities.

Source: Southern Maryland Online, "Drug Arrests in St. Mary's Co.; Murder Charge in Overdose", , April 4, 2014