Man Faces Drug Charges as Brother Faces Legal Woes

In a complicated legal case, Maryland police have filed drug charges against a man who may be connected to another police case. The man is the brother of a suspect currently accused of shooting an off-duty police officer. The police have not specifically indicated if the man facing drug charges may be connected with the police-shooting case.

The man was stopped by Maryland police for reasons that are not specifically indicated. Upon searching the vehicle, police claim that they found a large supply of cocaine amounting to approximately $160,000 in a hidden compartment in the truck. While they were arrested by local law enforcement, federal charges were levied after they were released on bail.

Further complicating this case is the fact that the federal charges were filed the same day that the off-duty police officer was shot. The brother accused of the shooting eventually turned himself in after an extensive manhunt. While it is not clear if the two cases are connected, it is known that the police spoke with the shooting suspect's brother after the shooting. It is understandably complicated when two brothers are connected to two different crimes, especially if there is any chance that the two could be connected.

When facing serious criminal charges, such as drug charges, it is within the rights of the defendant to begin building a defense. If police try to connect the two cases, it is important to examine all evidence to determine if there are any discrepancies in the prosecution's case. The burden of proof for these drug charges lies with the prosecution and the man is considered innocent unless he if proven otherwise.

Source: Baltimore Sun, "Brother of Baltimore police shooting suspect held on drug charge", Ian Duncan, March 24, 2014