Drunk Driving and Other Charges Filed Against Maryland Man

In 2014, a fatal car accident occurred in Maryland that resulted in the loss of one life and injuries to several others. The alleged drunk driving crash happened on December 12, 2014 in Mount Airy. The man suspected of causing the accident was recently brought before a Howard County grand jury.

The 29-year-old man was handed an indictment in the aftermath of the deadly wreck on Shaffersville Road. He was reportedly driving the pickup truck that hit a tree, resulting in the death of his front-seat passenger. The truck carried three additional occupants, all of whom were transported to a trauma unit for emergency care. All three travelers were later released from the medical facility.

According to police reports, the three passengers were ejected from the vehicle upon impact, possibly due to the fact that none were properly restrained with seat belts. The driver was arrested and set free on a $50,000 bond. He is now slated to face multiple charges in court.

Maryland residents who are preparing to face similar drunk driving charges will want to ensure that their constitutional rights are protected and upheld throughout the process. Acquiring legal assistance from an experienced professional would most likely prove beneficial to someone preparing to face serious charges associated with a fatal motor vehicle accident. The consequences of an intoxicated driving or negligent homicide conviction can be substantial, and allowing a competent attorney to guide one through the process would most likely help a person achieve the best possible defense of his or her case.

Source: wbaltv.com, "Mount Airy man indicted in fatal 2014 crash", May 13, 2015