Pedestrian Did Not Survive Personal Injury in Maryland

A Maryland State Police Officer was reportedly flagged down on the road to render aid at the scene of a recent accident where a car hit a pedestrian. The accident involved two victims, each of whom suffered personal injury. The tragedy took place along the southbound route of U.S. 219.

News reports stated that a 26-year-old man was walking along the shoulder of the road. He was pushing a child stroller that carried an 11-month-old baby. It seems that a vehicle that was heading in a southbound direction (the same direction in which the man was walking) struck both the pedestrian and the baby.

The trooper who first responded to the scene later stated that the driver of the car had initially driven away. He is said to have returned a few moments later. The baby was transported to an area hospital and was able to be released that same day. Sadly, the man was flown to a hospital in nearby Pennsylvania for emergency care, but he later succumbed to his injuries.

Updated information provided suggests that an investigation into the tragic accident remains ongoing. It is not known whether formal criminal charges will be filed. In Maryland and elsewhere in the United States, when a motor vehicle accident victim has suffered personal injury at the fault of another person, he or she is able to file a legal claim in a civil court, seeking compensation for damages. If an injured victim is a child of minor age, a parent or legal guardian may pursue legal action on behalf of the child. If a victim does not survive an accident, an immediate family member may file a wrongful death claim on behalf of the decedent.

Source:, "Pedestrian struck by car in western Maryland dies", Much, June 26, 2015