Juvenile Crimes Bring Trouble for Maryland Youth

A Maryland youth has recently been arrested for possible juvenile crimes related to a robbery. Juvenile crimes can sometimes lead to consequences such as jail time, fines and more. In this particular case, a gas station robbery suspect may be tried as an adult because of the individual details of the incident.

Maryland police suspected the youth of a convenience store armed robbery when several packs of cigarettes were stolen and the attendant was threatened with a knife. The juvenile is only 16 years old but is facing various charges of armed robbery, theft, assault and more. Although there was a physical altercation between the gas station clerk and the young man, no serious physical injuries were incurred.

Local law enforcement was able to identify the suspect and arrest him because of surveillance footage that was taped. The police claim that, upon a search of his home, they found the same cigarettes that were taken from the gas station. The police report also states that there were clothes found that matched the clothes seen in the surveillance video.

When facing juvenile crimes, it is important to have legal assistance representing the best interests and rights of the defendant. Because this youth is likely to be tried as an adult, he has the same right as any other adult defendant. This includes securing qualified legal counsel, fighting the charges that he is facing and questioning the evidence brought against him. He also has the option to fight to be tried as a juvenile instead of an adult. The best option for any criminal defense case will differ on a case-by-case basis.

Source: Carroll County Times, Police arrest juvenile in connection with Eldersburg gas station robbery, S. Wayne Carter Jr. and Rachel Roubein, March 10, 2014