Attorney Hall Obtains Positive Outcome for Felony Theft Client

As a Salisbury criminal defense attorney, William Hall is proud when he is able to help his clients receive a positive outcome from their trial. However, receiving positive words and gratitude from clients afterward is one of those things that truly makes the work he does satisfying and motivating. Recently he received some uplifting words from a former client that did just that.

In a case from two years ago, he represented a client who was facing 46 charges for Felony Theft Scheme. The case was extremely public and high-profile, and a conviction would have put his client behind bars for decades. However, Attorney Hall never lost sight of his goal and was able to earn a positive outcome on behalf of his client.

In total, he managed to reduce the conviction down to only 20 days in jail and two years of probation. That alone was a tremendous outcome. However, Attorney Hall went beyond simply helping his client reduce the penalties and charges as low as possible—he has also helped her take the necessary steps to recover both in society and in her own reputation. The process was not an easy one, but thanks to persistence and commitment, she’s now in a better position to get back to normal life than ever before!

Attorney Hall stated “This is one of those rare cases where the client really turned her life around and I am really proud of her and it reaffirms what I do and why I am here.”

Earlier month, Attorney Hall got his client’s conviction modified down to a PBJ, or Probation Before Judgement. In this arrangement, the accused is placed on probation before the judgement is entered, which means that they serve their sentence, but ultimately have no official conviction on their record. This means clients can truthfully answer that they’ve never been convicted of a crime on job applications, car insurance forms, and much more. And the best part: you can have the matter expunged after successfully completing probation.

Thanks to Attorney Hall’s efforts, the client is now just a few short months away from having her record completely clean with the expungement of all remaining entries from the case.

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