Drug Charges Filed Against Maryland Man

A Maryland man is facing drug charges after an arrest over a possible fraudulent prescription. Law enforcement officers were contacted after a tip was received regarding the possible illegal transaction. It was confirmed that the prescription was fraudulent, and the man is now facing various types of drug charges.

After the report of the possible fraudulent prescription exchange, police began to search for the Maryland man suspected of this crime. He was arrested after allegedly trying to get another fraudulent prescription from a different pharmacy. He was described by witnesses to be wearing a white firemen-type uniform when he posted the second prescription. As he left the pharmacy, the police arrested him.

At the time he was arrested, the defendant was found with several supposedly incriminating things on his person or in his vehicle. The police report claims that there were more than a dozen fraudulent prescriptions found, prescription bottles that were not full and various electronic items. It is believed that the man may be connected with the fire department. At the moment, the entire case is being investigated by law enforcement and the Office of Internal Affairs for Washington D.C. Fire and EMS.

It is not clear if the man has disputed any of the drug charges filed against him. While it may seem that there is incriminating evidence against him, he should still be considered innocent unless it is proved otherwise in court. Additionally, he may consider building a criminal defense for his own benefit if he chooses to fight these legal troubles. His rights as a defendant also include the right to seek qualified legal counsel.

Source: Southern Maryland News Net, Leonardtown Man Arrested on Multiple Drug Charges, No author, March 10, 2014