Student Facing Legal Trouble for Underage Drinking

A Maryland student is facing legal trouble after bringing a gun to school and for underage drinking. The student was reported to school authorities by his peers. He was then questioned by the principal and other administrators. It appeared that he had been engaged in underage drinking, and he was eventually arrested.

It is believed that the young man drove to school despite presumably being drunk or having the approval to park in the school parking lot. After his purported behavior was brought to the attention of the school authorities, they searched his vehicle. According to the report, they found a shotgun, a bottle containing an alcoholic beverage and one shotgun shell. It is against the law to bring a weapon onto school property. Police did not indicate to whom the shotgun belonged.

The Maryland student is currently facing legal repercussions from the underage drinking charges. Officially, he is facing alcohol possession and weapons possession charges. He will also face potential consequences from the school district, but it is not clear what that could include. It appears that the student had not made any threats against any of his peers, nor is it suggested that he displayed aggressive or troublesome tendencies.

The young man is only 16 years old, and he surely will need assistant to navigate through the legal process. If convicted, he could face juvenile jail time, fines, probation and more. Underage drinking and the other charges can have a serious impact on his future, so it will surely be beneficial to have a clear approach for his defense. When juveniles are facing legal trouble, it is best to act quickly to determine the best course of action that both protects their legal rights and seeks a sensible solution to the pending proceedings.

Source:, Md. student arrested for drinking, bringing shotgun to school, Jennifer van der Kleut, March 13, 2014