Father-Son Duo Facing Drug Charges

A father and son duo from Maryland are facing drug charges after a recent arrest. Law enforcement believe that these two men were selling drugs out of an auto body shop. This week, the two have entered a guilty plea for federal drug charges and various burglary charges.

The son officially pleaded guilty to intent to distribute narcotic prescription drugs, and the father pleaded guilty to charges of the same nature. It is believed that the two men headed an entire drug operation out of a Maryland body shop, but it is not clear if they owned the body shop. Law enforcement claims that the shop was well-known as a place to purchase drugs. According to the report, the dad ran the shop while the son was frequently there to assist with illegal transactions.

Police believe that an amount of two million dollars worth of drug transactions were completed in the body shop. Additionally, police believe that they were responsible for several burglaries, amounting to approximately one million dollars in stolen goods. While they are not the only ones involved in the purported criminal operation, either of the two men could face up to twenty years in prison.

The men have pleaded guilty to the charges that they are facing, which means that they could work to secure the lowest possible penalties. The ability to do this will largely depend upon the circumstances of the individual case, their cooperation with law enforcement and more. When facing such serious drug charges and more, it may be in their best interests to work closely with legal teams to fight for the best possible outcome for these two individuals.

Source: The Baltimore Sun, Father, son plead guilty to drug, burglary charges, Jean Marbella, Feb. 7, 2014