Maryland Man Arrested for Drug Distribution

A drug arrest can be a life-changing event. Depending on the severity of the drug charges leveled, individuals could find themselves behind bars for a substantial amount of time. One Maryland man is having his own legal woes after he was arrested for drug distribution and other related charges.

Authorities were able to get a search warrant for a home located in St. Mary's County on suspicion of drug distribution. During the execution of the warrant, various drugs were discovered, including marijuana and Xanax. Also discovered was documentation of drug exchanges, packing materials, mobile phones and a substantial amount of money. Authorities placed a 26-year-old man under arrest for various drug charges, and additional charges are pending upon review by the state.

Presumably after his arraignment, the accused was discharged from jail on recognizance without having to post bond. The man's court date is unknown at this time. No other information about this matter has yet been disclosed.

Drug distribution charges can result in serious consequences if the prosecution attains a conviction. In addition to facing jail time, convicted individuals could also face other consequences in the future, such as difficulty in obtaining employment. Thankfully for this man and others charged with similar drug crimes, any person who is arrested is presumed innocent until proved guilty, placing the burden of proof on the shoulders of the prosecution. Most defendants find it helpful to have an experienced criminal defense attorney by their sides as they face judges or juries in Maryland courtrooms.

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