Maryland Driver Charged for DWI Accident

A Maryland driver was arrested for drunk driving after an accident, during which he hit three other vehicles. Police responded to calls reporting possible drunk driving, and they began looking for a white truck in the area. When it was found, the truck was in a ditch. Once police arrived on the scene, the supposed drunk driver was trying to get out of his vehicle.

According to the police report, the driver was still attempting to accelerate the truck despite being stuck in a ditch. When an officer was attempting to make contact with the driver, he tried to leave the vehicle and flee the scene on foot. Even when officers were trying to arrest the man and take him into custody, he reportedly was still attempting to get away.

Witnesses say that the Maryland man was seen leaving a popular bar where he had presumably been drinking. Before he had fully exited the parking lot, he struck three other vehicles, after which he left the scene. There is no indication if anyone was injured or the specific nature of the damage from the accidents.

Drunk driving charges are serious and can carry serious consequences. This can include fines, fees, jail time, suspended driver's license and more. While there does seem to be a significant amount of evidence against the man, it is not clearly indicated if any sobriety tests were administered. The driver has the right to legal counsel and a defense, should he choose to fight the charges he faces. He should carefully determine his best option and proceed after thorough consideration.

Source:, Man chargd with drunk driving after striking three vehicles, No author, Feb. 2, 2014