Employee Charged with Sexual Assault

It's generally expected for people who work in certain jobs not to abuse their positions, especially when working with vulnerable adults and children. A Maryland man was recently arrested forsexual assault after he was accused of sexually abusing a 21-year-old man. Authorities are still investigating this case. They say the man accused of abuse works for a company offering vocational services to adults experiencing developmental disabilities.

On a recent Monday afternoon, authorities arrived at Opportunity Builders in Arundel County after receiving a complaint of possible abuse. A man suffering from autism claimed that he was sexually assaulted between mid-May and mid-June by one of the workers. The employee, identified as a work coach and supervisor, allegedly touched the complainant in a sexual manner while he was using the restroom at the facility. While authorities were conducting their interview, the employee apparently arrived for his shift.

After the interviews were completed, authorities determined that the alleged victim was touched in an inappropriate manner. It is not clear how they came to that conclusion. The employee was arrested and charged with second-degree assault and vulnerable adult abuse. Authorities are asking the public to contact them with any other information about this matter.

Sexual assault on any person is horrific, especially when the alleged victims are vulnerable adults. Regardless of how serious the criminal charges against a defendant may be, formal allegations do not necessarily mean guilt in a criminal case. Government prosecutors will need to meet a high measure of proof -- specified as beyond a reasonable doubt -- before any conviction is possible. Often, that measure of proof is difficult to achieve, in Maryland and elsewhere, particularly if a criminal case is substantially based upon the word of one person against another.

Source: wbaltv.com, "Glen Burnie man charged in sex abuse of vulnerable adult", Saliqa Khan, July 15, 2014