Alleged Illegal Immigrant Charged with Sex Crimes

Most residents may be aware that internet sex crimes have become more of a frequent occurrence. Recently, a Maryland man was arrested for sex crimes after he allegedly solicited a teenage girl for sex. The teenage girl was in actuality a police officer.

According to reports, a police officer placed an advertisement on a website. The defendant observed the images and reportedly started to exchange multiple emails with the supposed teenager. On at least one occasion, he allegedly offered the officer, who was posing as a teenage girl, money in exchange for sex. In addition, he allegedly sent a picture of himself to the undercover officer.

Eventually, the defendant reportedly traveled to Frederick where he was placed under arrest. He was arrested and charged with offering to pay for sex with an underage minor. Following his arrest, it was allegedly discovered that the defendant is living in the country illegally and he is to stay in jail while his immigration status is reviewed.

Any type of sex crime accusation is serious and rightfully so. Although engaging in any form of sexual conduct with a minor is not acceptable conduct, an allegation of this action does not necessarily mean an automatic conviction. Maryland defendants who have been charged with sex crimes usually have a huge battle ahead of them since state prosecutors seek convictions on these types of charges in an aggressive manner. Defendants have the right to gain knowledge of the criminal procedure and their rights to possibly decrease their legal risk and loss of freedom as their cases proceed.

Source:, "Man charged in MD sex sting is living in US illegally", , July 17, 2014