DUI Charges in Maryland in the News

When someone is arrested on charges of drunk driving in Maryland, he or she may be scared about how to navigate the tricky legal process. The person might also be worried about being unfairly convicted or how a criminal conviction will affect his or her future. The person who faces DUI charges has the right to defend himself or herself and remains innocent unless proven guilty in a court of law.

In a recent Maryland case, three different individuals were arrested after being stopped at one sobriety checkpoint. The checkpoint was located on a U.S. highway. Two of the drivers were charged with operating a vehicle while intoxicated.

One of them also was charged with operating a vehicle with no license. Meanwhile, a third motorist was arrested after operating an automobile while having his or her license revoked. Over 1,000 automobiles went through the area of the checkpoint during the span of an evening and the following morning.

If someone faces DUI charges, these charges have to be proven beyond a reasonable doubt by prosecutors. This is serious because an individual's first conviction can paint a bad picture of him or her to insurance companies and future employers. In addition, the person might be fined or even have his or her license taken away for a certain amount of time. If a person has been arrested for DUI more than once, he or she may end up with a more serious felony instead of a misdemeanor charge, which could mean doing jail time. The defendant can choose to proceed to trial or simply plead guilty in exchange for some type of favorable treatment concerning the charges and/or resulting court sentence in Maryland.

April 19, 2014