Drug Distribution Charge Brought Against Man After Home Search

A man was recently arrested in Callaway for supposedly being involved in drug crimes. The 25-year-old has previously been arrested under similar drug charges, but he has only been convicted of one charge of possession with intent to distribute an illegal substance. In this case, the Maryland man was formally charged with drug distribution for cocaine.

The case began as police officers from multiple departments began working together to gain search warrants on two residences and two vehicles. The reason why the warrants were sought was not publicly released. When the various officers arrived at one residence, the suspect allegedly attempted to flee the scene in his vehicle. The authorities also claim that he threw baggies out of his vehicle in the process, which they say could have contained cocaine.

In the man's residence, the investigators claim that they found 52 grams of crack cocaine, $7,300 in cash and an undisclosed amount of marijuana. The man was arrested and charged with distribution of cocaine. More charges against him are currently pending, but what those charges are were not publicly released.

Despite what has been reported, simply being charged with a crime is not proof of guilt. His previous arrest record is no more of an indication of his guilt on the current charges than his past conviction. This Maryland drug distribution case is a distinct case, and -- just like with his previous arrests -- the man will be found guilty only if prosecutors are able to prove so in court. That is often easier said than accomplished. As the case continues, the man will want to ensure that his legal rights are fully safeguarded while he strives for an outcome that is in his own best interests.

Source: Southern Maryland Online, ""Forty" Arrested for Cocaine Distribution, Again", , April 23, 2014