Maryland Doctor Facing Sexual Assault Charges

A Baltimore doctor responsible for running a medical clinic is facing charges of sexual assault. The man came under investigation by Maryland police after a patient went to the clinic for a back issue and claims that the doctor touched her in inappropriate areas during the exam. After the woman went to the police, the doctor was arrested for sexual assault and other charges. He is currently out on bail.

After a closer examination of the doctor and his clinic, Maryland police have come to the belief that there may be at least one other victim of the doctor's supposed inappropriate behavior. Law enforcement also believes that there are possible legal issues with the way the doctor runs his office. The Drug Enforcement Administration has been notified of these suspicions.

The 75-year-old doctor has a website for his practice. The site claims that he has been practicing medicine for several decades and that he runs a non-profit organization in India. It is believed that the man may have closed his clinic after getting out on bail. The victim has not spoken publicly, nor has the doctor spoken out after his arrest.

When facing such serious charges, such as sexual assault, it is beneficial to be prepared to defend oneself during this legal battle. Each defendant has the right to prepare a defense by gathering evidence for their own benefit. This doctor may question any evidence that is brought against him and even bring witnesses to speak on his behalf. A strong criminal defense will often begin with a case examination to determine how to proceed.

Source:, "Baltimore doctor faces sex offense, assault charges", Barry Simms, April 29, 2014'