How to Find a Good Criminal Defense Attorney

Time is not exactly on your side after you have been arrested for and charged with a crime in Maryland. The prosecution is already working on all the ways it is going to argue for your conviction. You need to get reliable legal advocacy, and fast. But how can you be sure that the person representing you can handle the task and protect your rights? What makes a good criminal defense attorney and how can you spot them?

Telltale Signs You Found a Reliable Criminal Defense Lawyer

  1. Experience: If you are going to get a haircut, do you want a barber or stylist who was just hired? Or do you want the person everyone in the neighborhood trusts? Of course, you want the person with the reputation and experience! So why would you settle for anything less when your freedom and wellbeing are hanging the balance? A good criminal defense attorney will have years of experience under their belt, showcasing their abilities necessary to make a career in the challenging field of criminal law.
  2. Recognition: The world of litigation has plenty of professional and prestigious organizations that are committed to reviewing and rating attorneys all across the country. To spot a reliable criminal defense lawyer, look for one who has been recognized by some of these groups. Avvo and National Trial Lawyers are some of the many that are well-known for being able to pick out and congratulate the nation’s best attorneys.
  3. Local: A winning criminal defense case often stems from a lawyer’s ability to connect with and understand the needs and viewpoints of their clients. Without an honest back-and-forth between the accused and their representation, constructing a solid defense is inherently difficult. If you want a good criminal defense attorney that genuinely cares about the outcomes of the cases they take on, you should find someone who is proud to say they are local and work closely with the clients in their own community.
  4. Dedicated: Part of the Fifth Amendment states that you can get a public defend automatically appointed to you if you cannot afford an attorney. While these men and women are certainly hard-working individuals, they are often afforded incredibly limited amounts of time to work on a single case, sometimes only meeting their clients the moment they both step before the judge. It is unreasonable to think that someone working in that situation could be truly dedicated to their clients’ livelihood and freedoms.

When You Want All of the Above

My name is William R. Hall, and I am a Salisbury defense attorney. I have dedicated my professional career to protecting the rights of the wronged and the accused, and I believe that I should be your number one choice for representation in your criminal case or trial due to numerous reasons:

  • I have more than 20 years of legal experience.
  • I have handled more than 50 jury trials.
  • I have a 9.8 “Superb” Avvo Rating.
  • I have been selected to the National Trial Lawyers: Top 100.
  • I am local, working primarily with people right here in Salisbury and Wicomico County.

To learn about me and the top-notch services I can provide you, feel free to call 410.205.1684 and request a free consultation today.