Rear-End Accidents: Wrecks Moments Apart End in Maryland Tragedy

Negligent drivers create potential hazards on Maryland roads. The odds of rear-end accidents increase when motor vehicle operators drive recklessly. All motorists sharing the highway expect every driver to adhere to safety and traffic regulations. Distracted driving, excessive speed, texting while driving and other inappropriate actions behind the wheel can turn uneventful roadways into chaotic scenes of carnage and tragedy.

A witness to a recent fatal collision told officials that she had never before seen anything so horrible. The tragic scene affected her so that she immediately called home just to let her mother know that she loves her. Apparently, a pickup truck caused two accidents, moments apart, that left four people dead and 14 others critically and seriously injured.

The first crash occurred at approximately 5 p.m. on that recent Sunday, when the pickup truck allegedly slammed into the back of a sedan. Witnesses say that the pickup, which caught fire upon impact, continued to travel up the road. What happened next was a shock to those who watched the tragic events unfold.

The flaming truck crashed into a van filled with people, the scene becoming a raging ball of fire. Sadly, four people died as a result of the accident, including the pickup driver. Eight other adults and six children were transported to various hospitals for emergency care. All are reportedly still in the hospital, some with critical injuries, others listed as serious.

Rear-end accidents and negligent driving accidents, as well as those caused by intoxicated drivers or those traveling at excessive speeds can wreak havoc upon Maryland roadways. The law provides for victims who survive their injuries under such circumstances by allowing them to file legal claims in civil court. In cases where the person deemed to have caused an accident has been fatally wounded, a claim is able to be filed against his or her estate so that injured survivors or immediate family members of deceased victims may seek compensation for damages.

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