Juvenile Crimes Can Have Serious Consequences in Maryland

Not all parents realize the potential seriousness of the situation when their son or daughter faces charges in court. In Maryland, the consequences of juvenile crimes can be severe, if a conviction is rendered. Also, courts tend to act quickly in cases that involve juveniles and often set court dates within 30 days of an arrest.

It is advisable that parents seek legal counsel as soon as possible when a child of minor age has been formally accused of a crime. William R. Hall, P.A. is an experienced criminal defense lawyer who is dedicated to serving families in the Eastern Shore communities. He is committed to ensuring that the focus of court proceedings involving juveniles remains on rehabilitation rather than incarceration.

Whether your child has been arrested and charged with underage drinking, disorderly conduct, theft, burglary or a sex crime, William R. Hall is prepared to act as an advocate to make certain that his or her rights are protected, beginning with the process leading up to the arrest and throughout any court proceedings. Many prosecutors attempt to convince an accused juvenile to plead guilty. Attorney Hall is not afraid to take a case to trial rather than automatically accept a plea agreement.

According to disturbing statistics, more than 30 percent of those incarcerated for juvenile crimes in Maryland have claimed that they have suffered sexual abuse behind bars. By calling the office of William R. Hall, P.A. and scheduling a free consultation, you will be taking the first steps toward retaining legal assistance that is based on experience, dedication, compassion and a successful litigation record. Together, we can work toward achieving a positive outcome for your son or daughter.