Man Charged with Multiple Sex Crimes Involving Minors

Accusations of sex crimes are serious and are typically prosecuted to the fullest extent possible under the law. The stakes are even greater when the alleged victims are children. A Maryland man, who is also a theater owner, was arrested and charged with sex crimes after alleged sexual assaults.

The man was arrested in mid-December. The arrest came after he allegedly attempted to meet with a teenage boy with the intent of engaging in sexual activities. The individual he thought was a teen was actually a lw enforcement officer. Following the arrest, an individual claimed to authorities that the man sexually assaulted him back in 2010 during music practice.

Reportedly, the man tricked the individual into coming to his home for music coaching. In addition, authorities assert that he engaged in inappropriate sexual activity with approximately 50 minors over an extended period of time. Authorities report that a search of the accused man's home revealed that he was in possession of child pornography and sex toys.

The man surely has a number of consequences ahead of him if convicted, including the possible loss of his freedom. Nevertheless, just because he was formally charged does not mean he is actually guilty of criminal conduct. He has the right to be heard in front of a jury of his peers in a Maryland criminal courtroom. Furthermore, prosecutors will need to provide a compelling amount of evidence that these sex crimes were committed before a conviction to be obtained. The defendant has every right to challenge specific items of evidence as well as to confront his accusers in court while fighting for a result that is in his individual best interests.

Source: New York Daily News, "Md. theater owner solicited, groomed boys for sex: police", Nina Golgowski, Feb. 2, 2015