Commissioner Faces DWI Charges

A City Commissioner is in legal hot water. He is faced with DWI charges and other traffic violations after a traffic stop. Maryland authorities charged him with driving under the influence and failure to stay in the correct lane.

According to reports, the Commissioner was stopped by law enforcement on a recent Friday night. The exact details of how the incident occurred were not reported, but authorities apparently set up a sobriety checkpoint on the same evening that the Commissioner was charged. This was not the first time the Commissioner was charged with driving under the influence, and he was arrested back in 2009.

He was assisting at an annual crab cooking competition in the 2009 incident when he was trying to drive a trailer out of the parking lot. The trailer slammed into a lamp post and caused some damages. The officers who arrived at the scene said that they could smell alcohol and also said that he failed the sobriety test. However, after a Breathalyzer test was administered, it was revealed that there was no alcohol in his system. The DUI charges were later dropped, and he paid to replace the post.

DWI charges could result in serious consequences if convicted. DUI convictions often come with the possibility of jail time and loss of driving privileges. Since the man in this case is also a Commissioner, there could be consequences with respect to his public position. Individuals who are charged with DUI will benefit by carefully considering their legal options. An experienced criminal defense attorney in Maryland can guide and support them through every stage of the criminal process.

Source:, "Cambridge official charged with DWI", Gail Dean, Jan. 27, 2015