Two Drivers Injured in Maryland Auto Accident

Understandably, a car accident is dangerous and can cause severe injuries. A two-vehicle accident involving a box truck and a sedan recently occurred. The auto accident left two people seriously injured. Maryland authorities have not reported drugs or alcohol to be factors in the crash, and no charges have been filed.

The accident happened in Baltimore County on a recent Thursday morning. Upon a preliminary investigation, police say that the box truck and the sedan collided with each other for unknown reasons. The impact caused the truck to crash about 15 feet into a vacant house. Medical crews arrived at the scene and rescued both of the trapped drivers from their vehicles. Both of the drivers were airlifted to a trauma center for treatment.

At last report, police are not sure of who caused the crash or any other details. Authorities are still investigating, and the road was closed down for several hours. No other information about the accident was reported.

An auto accident can be crippling to individuals who suffer serious injuries. Depending on the outcome of this continuing investigation, either of the drivers could face claims for financial responsibility for the other's injuries. Most individuals find that filing personal injury claims based upon evidence of negligence can help to recover damages, including lost wages and pain and suffering. An experienced personal injury attorney in Maryland can advise on the best ways to proceed and undertake a case review to assess the viability of proceeding by means of a civil court lawsuit.

Source: The Baltimore Sun, "Two injured after two-vehicle crash, causing truck to crash into a vacant home in Upperco", Jessica Anderson, Jan. 29, 2015