Salisbury University Student Arrests

A Little Mistake Can Have a Big Impact

Students who break laws off campus usually face disciplinary actions on campus as well as with the court. Colleges maintain a certain code of conduct, expecting their students to be law abiding individuals, since the behavior of their students reflects on the school as a whole. Unfortunately, many of the local schools have a zero tolerance policy, meaning that you could lose many privileges granted to other students at your school if you are found guilty of a crime.

Some of the most common criminal charges for college students include underage intoxication, driving while intoxicated, and hazing, and sexual misconduct.

I Got Arrested. Is My College Career Over?

Whether you attend Salisbury University or the University of Maryland Eastern Shore, you are likely studying voluntarily, looking to complete your education so you can continue on to a job and career. Even if you're completely invested in your studies, mistakes can happen. Some mistakes break local laws. If you're caught in such a mistake, it can change your life and threaten those dreams you had when you first enrolled in the university.

If you're a college student who has been arrested either on or off campus, you may find some solace in knowing that you're not the only student who's faced criminal charges while enrolled in school.

For the University of Maryland Eastern Shore, students face the serious consequences of their zero tolerance policy. If convicted of a crime, you can lose all tuition and fees you've paid, you might not receive your final grades, and your housing contract is terminated. Certain crimes lead to suspensions from the university, while serious crimes - such as possession of deadly weapons or selling drugs - results in immediate expulsion.

Salisbury University Criminal Proceedings & Administrative Hearings

At Salisbury University, if you are arrested off campus, you almost always face administrative proceedings on campus as well. Consequences range depending on the seriousness of your crime, though you are offered a thorough hearing during which the university administrators review your charges and attempt to fairly determine the consequences for your crime.

In addition to not allowing you to continue classes, Salisbury University sometimes requires convicted students to conduct community service on campus, such as maintaining the school grounds.

Have you been arrested and are a student at one of the local universities? Contact a Salisbury criminal defense attorney for guidance regarding your specific charges.