Multiple Drunk Driving Arrests Made During a Weekend in Maryland

Recent reports in Maryland suggest that those being pulled over under suspicion of intoxicated driving are more often found to be extremely drunk, rather than merely having had a few drinks. Drunk driving is said to be a rising concern for state troopers. Often, according to police, drivers who are tested are showing blood alcohol levels over two times the legal limit in the state.

Current data states that troopers recently made 80 DUI arrests in a single weekend in Maryland. State police say that they are very concerned and working hard to prevent drunk drivers from being behind the wheel. One alleged intoxicated driver was said to have been driving at speeds in excess of 90 miles per hour with a young child in the vehicle.

Other disturbing incidents have been reported, including a highly intoxicated bus driver who attempted to pick up children and another individual who apparently struck the side of a trooper's car. An additional report stated that one man was pulled over for suspicion of drunk driving two times in a few hours. A woman interviewed stated that she is very concerned by the rising number of accidents related to alcohol on Maryland roadways.

It is obvious that those accused of drunk driving under similar circumstances as those listed above might have need of legal representation as they prepare to face the charges against them. Issues such as whether the person accused has been charged previously for similar offenses and the results of breath tests can have bearing on how an attorney chooses to defend a case. Those charged would most likely benefit from any advice or suggestions a legal professional with experience in alcohol-related cases might have to offer.

Source:, "80 DUI arrests across MD in just one weekend", Rick Ritter, June 16, 2015