Maryland School Bus Involved in Auto Accident

Bus accidents seem to be occurring with increased frequency throughout the country. In recentauto accident, a school bus was involved in a multi-vehicle accident while transporting a group of Maryland high-school students. It's not known if the driver of the school bus was cited or otherwise charged in connection with the collision.

The accident happened on a recent Monday morning. According to reports, the accident was caused when the driver of the school bus crashed into the back of a sedan while it was waiting to make a turn. The sedan ended up in another lane and struck another vehicle. Next, the second vehicle was hit by another car. Police say that the driver of the bus was apparently unaware that the sedan was making a turn when the crash happened.

All of the students on board the bus were taken to a medical facility for treatment. Since then, the students were discharged into the care of their parents. It's not known if the other drivers were injured. Authorities are still investigating this accident, and it's not known if the bus driver will be placed on leave pending any investigations.

There were no reports of injuries suffered by any of the other parties involved in the collisions. Many times, injuries do not fully manifest themselves until days or weeks after an incident. Depending on the nature of any injuries by the auto accident victims and the outcome of this investigation, the driver of the school bus and the bus owner could face liability claims in a Maryland civil court for any damages incurred. Injured victims retain the right to file personal injury claims against any party or parties whose negligence either caused or contributed to the multi-vehicle crash.

Source:, "Students sent to hospital after school bus crash", Andrew Michaels, Jan. 5, 2015