Police Say Driver Ran Red Light, Causes Crash

A recent weekend accident resulted in death. The auto accident killed a Maryland driver and injured two others. The crash caused the road to be closed down and traffic to be detoured for a certain period of time.

The accident happened on a recent Sunday in St. Mary's County. Authorities arrived at the scene and conducted a preliminary investigation, which indicated that the accident was caused as the driver of a Volvo SUV was traveling through an intersection. Police say the light was green for the Volvo, but the driver of a Toyota sedan failed to stop at a red light. The Toyota apparently entered the path of the Volvo, and the vehicles collided.

Tragically, the driver of the Toyota died from his injuries at the scene.The driver of the Volvo and a passenger were transported to St. Mary's Hospital, but the exact details of their conditions have not been released. Authorities do not believe that alcohol played a role in the crash. No further details about the accident have been reported.

While the injuries of the victims are unknown, it's likely that they experienced an significant amount of pain and suffering and financial losses. The driver of the Toyota is deceased, but that does not mean that the injured parties do not have access to legal remedies. The injured parties choose to pursue personal injury claims against the deceased driver's estate to seek recovery of medical expenses, lost wages and any other damages incurred as a result of the auto accident. Since the initial findings suggest that the driver ran a red light, that may be offered as evidence to substantiate their claims in a Maryland civil courtroom.

Source: thebaynet.com, "UPDATE: Fatal accident reported in St. Mary's", Nov. 2, 2014