Man Pleads Guilty, Faces 5 Years in Prison for Sexual Assault

The Maryland community is likely shocked as they learn of sex abuse allegations against a former school teacher. While one is quick to jump to conclusions, not every individual in Maryland who is charged with a sexual crime is guilty. In this particular case, however, the suspect has admitted his guilt in this sexual assault case.

A former baseball coach and social studies teacher has pleaded guilty and entered into a plea bargain on a charge of sexual abuse. He had been having sexual face-to-face conversations at school with and sending e-mails to a 16-year-old student. He is now facing up to five years behind bars, but he won't receive his sentencing until June 2014.

Apparently, the 16-year-old student's mother found e-mails to her daughter from the teacher. The e-mails had been sent from his e-mail account at school. It was at this time that the mother phoned police, and an investigation began.

The student spoke to investigators and informed them of everything. She said that the teacher had asked if she would perform certain sexual acts. However, no physical contact was ever made, and there is no solid evidence that there would have been in the future. This is data that likely helped prosecutors agree to no more than five years behind bars.

Although no criminal defense is needed in this man's case, individuals in Maryland who have been accused of a sexual crime would do well to prepare a strong criminal defense that makes every effort to prove one's innocence. Before a judge hands down a sentence, he or she must take into consideration a number of factors, from one's criminal history to any admittance of guilt. It is also important for individuals who have been arrested and charged with a sexual assault crime to remember that a conviction is not the only potential outcome of criminal charges.

Source: The Washington Post, Former Montgomery social studies teacher pleads guilty in sex-abuse case, Dan Morse, March 20, 2014