Driver of Jeep Facing DWI Charges in New York

Sorrow and rage can easily strike a person who discovers that a family member or friend has been injured or killed as a result of a drunk driver. Drunk driving is so deadly because alcohol impairs a person's judgment and reduces his or her coordination skills. This is one reason a charge of driving under the influence of alcohol is taken seriously in the Maryland criminal justice system. A person who faces such a charge has the right to make sure that his or her rights are protected.

A single-automobile crash recently took place on U.S. Route 50. Authorities say that the accident happened when a 41-year-old man was driving a jeep while inebriated. He left the road's shoulder and struck a snowbank.

The vehicle began to flip. The man was charged with driving while impaired by alcohol. His other charges include reckless driving, negligent driving and drinking an alcoholic beverage in a passenger compartment.

The government in Maryland is responsible for proving that the man's charges of driving while under the influence of alcohol are established beyond a reasonable doubt. This is necessary in order for a criminal conviction to be secured. A drunk driving charge has serious long-term implications because, if convicted, the accused person may have trouble claiming a job in certain fields or even renting a vehicle. Because many negative consequences can accompany a finding of guilt, the criminal defense may choose to comprehensively review the evidence that prosecutors aim to offer to support their accusations in such a case.

Source:, Cordova man charged with DUI after crash, No author, Jan. 27, 2014