Maryland Women Face Sexual Assault Charges

A conviction for sex crimes here in Maryland can have lifelong repercussions that include having to register as a sex offender. Therefore, it is very important for anyone accused of such a crime to take immediate action to protect him or herself. In an unusual case out of Baltimore, two women have been charged with sexual assault after a Jan. 23 incident in which they allegedly tied up a 23-year-old woman and proceeded to torture her.

According to police reports, the woman claimed to be friends for a long time with one of the accused. She was purportedly invited to the accused's apartment, where she said the accused restrained her to a chair, sealed her mouth with duct tape and pulled a knit cap over her eyes. Her report indicated that a second woman entered the apartment after this.

The two women allegedly began slapping the woman's face. She claims that they cut off all her clothing and proceeded to sexually assault her. In addition, she says they burned her with cigarettes and a curling iron. Her cellphone and watch were also purportedly taken during the incident. A third person reportedly entered the apartment and freed her, and she flagged down a passing police officer when she went outside.

After conducting a search of the apartment, police purportedly found enough evidence to charge the women with sexual assault, robbery and other offenses. Following their arrest, they now face an uncertain future. They would do well to obtain experienced representation that can examine the evidence and the alleged victim's accusations to determine the best line of defense. Not only can this ensure that their rights are protected in a Maryland courtroom, but it may help them obtain a fair outcome to their case.

Source: The Baltimore Sun, Two women charged with torturing, sexually assaulting woman, Justin Fenton, Jan. 30, 2014