Two Guys Arrested for Drug Charges in Maryland

Two Maryland men are facing drug charges after a traffic stop reportedly led to the discovery of drugs in the vehicle. While it is not indicated if the traffic stop was routine, police noted that the same two men were indicted for a gun fight incident last year. At the traffic stop, one of the men had a medical emergency involving seizure. Authorities suggest it was because he tried to consume the drugs before they were confiscated. Despite his actions, drug charges were still filed.

Maryland police charged the two men with possession of heroin and marijuana as well as intent to distribute. Police noted that there was a suspicious odor coming from the vehicle when the car was initially pulled over. Reportedly, one of the defendants gave police an incorrect name, and police were not able to find any identification on either man. After one of the men began displaying seizure symptoms, law enforcement took him for medical treatment at a local hospital.

The two men have a bevy of legal problems between the two of them, including a gun fight, possible parole violations and even a suspected murder charge. At last report, they were being held in a local jail pending a court hearing. It was not clear if any pleas were entered by either individual or if they either one had secured legal counsel.

Drug charges can bring detrimental consequences if a criminal conviction is ultimately obtained. However, despite the serious charges, each man still has the right to a vigorous defense. Considering the complex legal situation of both individuals, a careful case analysis will likely be necessary in order to decide upon the best approach to defend against the formal accusations.

Source: Herald Mail Media, Two Frederick County, Md., men face drug charges after traffic stop, CJ Lovelace, Feb. 7, 2014