No Statute of Limitations for Rape in Maryland

Many crimes carry a statute of limitations. This means that once a certain amount of time has passed since an alleged crime occurred, a person cannot be charged for it. Some crimes that are considered more serious, however, do not have statutes of limitations attached to them. As a Maryland man recently found out, rape is one of those crimes.

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Facing Charges from 30 Years Ago

A 64-year-old Essex man was recently charged with raping an individual 30 years ago. According to the alleged victim, the man sexually abused her above the restaurant he owned while her mother worked as a waitress. The man was arrested last week.

The Essex man has maintained his innocence. He claims that he had already been thoroughly investigated and cleared years ago. According to him, the allegations are the result of an unhappy former employee.

Being accused of a serious crime like rape is a frightening experience. Not only could you end up facing years in prison if found guilty, but it can also seriously impact your:

  • Social life
  • Family life
  • Ability to find a job

It is important to remember, however, that it is possible to build a strong defense against rape charges -- especially when the alleged crime happened years ago.

When criminal charges stem from something that happened decades ago, they become much more difficult to prove. In 30 years, evidence can deteriorate and witnesses may be much less reliable when they have to recall something that happened so long ago. With the right attorney, it may be possible to beat the charges and clear your name.

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Source: The Baltimore Sun, "Essex man charged in alleged sexual abuse from 30 years ago," Justin Fenton, Dec. 12, 2013