Maryland Woman Faces DUI Charges After Crash

When Maryland residents find themselves involved in a car accident, they may be very shaken up and, in some cases, seriously injured or even killed. Sometimes the other driver who apparently caused the collision made an honest mistake. However, when individuals choose to get behind the wheel of a vehicle and drive under the influence, they typically face DUI charges from law enforcement. These charges can come with stiff penalties.

A recent car accident in Talbot County seems to have occurred as a result of a woman driving under the influence. The accident occurred in late August. The Easton Police Department states that an Easton woman has recently been charged with multiple charges following her involvement in apparently causing the crash.

According to police, the 57-year-old woman was driving an economy-sized car. She allegedly failed to yield to a small SUV that was being driven by a 33-year-old woman. After the accident and during the initial investigation, the officers believed that the 57-year-old driver might have been under the influence of some sort of substance. She failed each of the field sobriety tests.

The potential penalties for being convicted of DUI charges are varied, but they can include points being deducted from an individual's license, a one-year driver's license suspension, or even up to a $1,000 fine and possible jail time. If it is a second offense, most offenders will likely face incarceration. Thus, Maryland residents typically consult with an experienced criminal defense attorney to assist them in preparing the best defense possible.

Source:, "Police charge Easton woman with DUI after crash in Talbot County", Aug. 21, 2015