Drunk Driving Case in Maryland Results in Attempted Murder Charge

A police officer was reported as a victim in a recent accident case in Maryland. A man accused ofdrunk driving now faces attempted murder charges and various assault charges in the incident. The series of events unfolded when police responded to a call on a recent Monday in Cambridge.

It was approximately 8:35 p.m. when police were called to a car accident scene. Reportedly, the driver of a pickup truck that had been involved in the accident had apparently fled the scene. As police began responding to the incident, they received a call saying that a truck matching the description of the one that had left the accident scene was witnessed at a nearby location.

Police have reported that an officer arrived at the parking lot the caller had noted, stopped his vehicle and implemented his cruiser's emergency devices to stop the pickup as the driver attempted to leave the parking lot. Rather than stopping, the pickup truck driver is said to have engaged the accelerator in his vehicle, driving head-on into the police vehicle. The man reportedly held his foot on the accelerator so that the police car was being pushed in a backward direction.

The police officer in the cruiser and the man in the pickup truck were both taken to area hospitals, treated for injuries and released. The man was charged with several counts of attempted murder and several counts of assault. He is being held on a $300,000 bond. Similar cases of drunk driving occur on occasion in Maryland. Those arrested and charged have the right to seek legal counsel before proceeding to court.

Source: stardem.com, "Man arrested after allegedly ramming police cruiser", July 15, 2015