Changing Maryland Laws Affect Penalties for Drunk Driving

As changes in Maryland law are made with regard to driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, the potential penalties of a conviction have increased. Those who have been arrested for drunk driving in the state might want to seek immediate assistance from a legal professional who has experience in criminal defense of such cases. William R. Hall, P.A. is an attorney whose prior experience as a former assistant state prosecutor provides clear understanding of both sides of the law pertaining to DWI charges.

Knowing that your personal and professional reputation may be at stake when you have been arrested for driving while intoxicated, you will want to have a legal representative on your side who is prepared to help you protect your good name. Attorney Hall is dedicated to serving clients in the Ocean City and Salisbury areas of Maryland, as well as other communities along the Eastern Shore. He can help you understand the difference between DUI and DWI and act as your personal advocate as you prepare to face the charges against you in court.

The negative effects from a DWI conviction can be long-lasting. You might suffer adversely in employment if driving penalties impede your ability to commute to and from work. Insurance rates might also be increased if your status becomes high-risk after a conviction. William R. Hall, P.A. is prepared to help you determine all options available in order to aggressively defend your case and seek to avoid incarceration and work toward the most positive outcome possible.

The law office of William R. Hall, P.A. is available for contact by telephone or through online convenience. You can schedule a free consultation in order to discuss the details or your case with an experienced attorney who understands your needs as they relate to charges of drunk driving in Maryland. Depending upon the judge and circumstances of your arrest, your options and potential penalties will vary. Our attorneys will remain by your side and help you navigate the system in order to help you obtain the most minimal consequence possible in your case.