Man in Custody on DUI Charges in Fatal Crash

DUI charges typically carry severe punishments for those who are convicted. Individuals who are charged in Maryland can potentially lose their freedom and have other ramifications such as losing their driving privileges. Recently, a man was arrested on DUI charges after being involved in a fatal accident.

A 22-year-old man became involved in a crash that occurred in Montgomery County. According to reports, the man was driving recklessly through a neighborhood when he veered into the other lanes of traffic. He then collided with a 49-year-old woman who was on her way to a job interview. After the impact, he allegedly continued to drive and collided with two other parked vehicles. Police say that the woman he hit did not survive.

Authorities apprehended the man and administered a breath test, but the results were not revealed.The man is in custody on suspicion of DUI. At this time, there are pending charges, depending on the outcome of the investigation. Reports indicate that charges could take between six weeks to five months before being filed.

Individuals who are charged with DUI are faced with uphill battles in a criminal court room. This is especially true when another party has died as a result of a crash. If convicted, individuals could end up spending years in prison and find it challenging to secure employment once released. However, just because someone has been accused of a crime does not necessarily mean they are automatically guilty. Individuals who are faced with DUI charges may want to speak with an experienced criminal defense attorney in Maryland who will go over the options they have.

Source: NBC Washington, "Woman Struck, Killed by Suspected DUI Driver", Feb. 19, 2015