Maryland TSA Agent Charged with Sex Crimes

Individuals who are charged with any type of sex crime have frightening consequences ahead of them should they be convicted. Sex crimes are serious, and Maryland prosecutors tend to push for penalties to the fullest extent allowed under the law. Recently, a Transportation Security Agency agent was charged with sexually assaulting a teenage girl.

According to reports, the incidents occurred three different times on one day in January at the agent's residence. The teenager was out of school because she was sick, and the agent had the day off of work. The man was accused of fondling the girl, and, on one of the occasions, his wife was reportedly present. A month later, a family member of the girl noticed that she was not acting normally and began to ask questions. That is when the teen informed the family member of the alleged sexual abuse.

Eventually, authorities were notified, and an interview with the agent was conducted. Following the interview, the agent was placed under arrest and charged with fourth-degree assault and sexual assault. He is expected to appear in court for a preliminary hearing in the coming month. At last report, he was released on bond.

Being charged with sex crimes is horrifying for most individuals. In spite of the disturbing nature of the charge, simply being charged does not automatically mean that an accused individual is guilty. Maryland prosecutors must prove that an incident took place before a conviction can be obtained. Furthermore, individuals who are faced with these charges have the right to defend themselves against all allegations and confront their accusers in court. Accused individuals may want to explore their legal options with the help of experienced criminal defense attorneys.

Source:, "TSA agent accused of sexually assaulting teenager", Lowell Melser, Feb. 13, 2015