Maryland EMT Workers Injured in Auto Accident

Emergency Medical Technicians are sometimes subjected to dangerous conditions that put them at risk for injuries. This is especially true if they are involved in an auto accident in Maryland. Recently, two EMTs were in a freak accident that caused serious injuries.

The EMTs are with Glen Echo Fire Department, and the accident happened on a recent Sunday morning when the ambulance was on an interstate. The emergency workers were attending to individuals who were victims from a previous accident. The ambulance was on the right shoulder when a pickup truck driver lost control of his vehicle. The driver barreled into the crash site and rear-ended another vehicle, along with the EMTs.

Afterward, the pickup truck crashed into the ambulance. The individuals whom the EMTs were attending to were taken to Medstar Hospital with unknown injuries. Both of the EMTs were transported to another hospital for treatment of serious injuries. The crash investigation is still pending, and none of the drivers have been charged.

The auto accident has left the two EMT workers with severe injuries that have likely caused pain and suffering. In addition to the physical injuries, they undoubtedly will incur enormous medical expenses. The EMTs have the right to file personal injury claims against the driver of the pickup truck to recover compensation from the civil courts. An experienced personal injury attorney in Maryland is able to navigate through the court process and answer any questions one may have. Utilizing an experienced attorney can also increase the potential of having a favorable outcome in their cases.

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