Maryland Man Arrested for DUI Charges and Murder

A man is in a legal entanglement after he was involved in a fatal accident. He was accused of causing a crash and killing a passenger while he was under the influence. Maryland authorities arrested him for second degree murder. He could also face DUI charges.

The accident happened over a recent weekend when the man was giving two people a ride from a club. On the way to their destination, he allegedly crashed into the back of a parked tractor-trailer at an excessive rate of speed. During the initial investigation, he informed law enforcement officers that he drank three alcoholic beverages while he was at the venue. A sobriety test was conducted and it was revealed that he was under the influence.

The man has had previous run-ins with the law, including charges for DUI and speeding. In a separate case from 2013, he also received a DUI charge after crashing into a parked vehicle. He was offered a plea deal in which he was placed on probation. He also was charged with DUI for an incident that happened in Virginia in June 2014. He was given a suspended sentence after he pleaded guilty to DUI.

DUI charges can have profound effects on individuals if they are convicted and this is particularly true when someone has died. The individuals could spend years in prison and face other ramifications after being released. For convictions to occur, Maryland prosecutors will need to provide substantial proof that the crimes were committed. Furthermore, individuals have the right to take their cases to trial and testify on their own behalves while trying to maintain their freedom.

Source:, "Maryland man charged with murder in alleged DUI crash", Garrett Haake, March. 25, 2015