2 Maryland Residents Killed in Wrong-Way Auto Accident

The highway can be a dangerous place. Due to the speed of traffic, there is a higher probability of negligent and reckless drivers on an interstate roadway. Recently, two Maryland residents were killed after being involved in a deadly auto accident.

The crash happened in Washington County along Interstate 70. Authorities were called out to the scene, and upon arrival, they conducted a preliminary investigation. Reports suggest that the driver of a sedan was in the eastbound lane, but was traveling the wrong way. The sedan struck an oncoming vehicle in a head-on collision. Both of the drivers were declared dead at the scene, and no other occupants were in either of the vehicles.

At this time, it is unknown why the driver of the sedan was driving the wrong way on the highway. The precise time of the accident was not reported, but indications are that it occurred early on a Thursday morning. Authorities are still continuing to investigate the crash. No further details about this matter were disclosed.

Family members are surely grieving as a result of this fatal auto accident. The family of the eastbound driver now has the task of planning funeral arrangement for someone who was taken far too soon and presumably due to the negligence of the wrong way driver. The surviving family retains the right to pursue a wrongful death claim against the estate of the westbound driver, as well as any other party listed as an owner for his vehicle. The civil court system in Maryland may award financial compensation if evidence demonstrates the other driver was responsible for the accident that occurred. An experienced personal injury attorney can help families navigate through the civil process and provide support at every stage of the proceedings.

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