Government Contractor Charged with Sex Crimes

A man was recently accused of distributing child pornography. He was arrested and charged with sex crimes after authorities allegedly discovered images of child porn in his home. He is being held at a Maryland jail facility on a $350,000 bail.

The Crimes against Children Unit at the Baltimore County Police Department was in the middle of an investigation regarding people who were purportedly sharing child porn online. Authorities say they discovered that there was a source of sharing from someone's residence. Officials were able to obtain a search warrant and obtained a computer which allegedly had multiple photos of child porn. Allegedly, the defendant who resides at the home is the owner of the images, and the authorities claim that he intentionally possessed and distributed them.

A cell phone and a tablet were also seized, but those items have not been searched yet. It's not alleged that the defendant engaged in any sexual contact with the children, and there is no evidence that he has committed those acts. He was charged with possession and distribution of child pornography.

Sex crime convictions can cause defendants to lose their freedom and respect within the community. When defendants are faced with pending sex crimes allegations, they are guaranteed the right to be heard in front of a jury as well as the presumption of innocence at every stage of the proceedings. The admissibility of proposed evidence offered by prosecutors may be challenged when appropriate, including photos and computer generated images. In cases where evidence seems to be stacked in favor of Maryland prosecutors, defendants may have the opportunity to pursue plea negotiations as a means of seeking to limit the potential consequences of the pending charges.

Source:, "Gwynn Oak man charged with distributing child porn", Saliqa Khan, Oct. 23, 2014