Woman Charged with Drunk Driving and Leaving Crash Site

A 27-year-old woman had a run-in with the law over a recent weekend. She is facing charges after she was involved in a crash where she reportedly left the scene. Maryland authorities arrested and charged her with drunk driving when her blood alcohol test revealed that she was over the legal limit.

Police were contacted after the woman was involved in an accident. According to reports, a couple was traveling on Route 219 when another vehicle, driven by the woman, suddenly turned in front of them. The vehicles collided, but the woman did not stay at the scene. After the woman left, the couple followed her vehicle for miles and even honked their horn and flashed their headlights.

Eventually, the couple took down her license plate number. Authorities were able to locate the woman at her home, and she allegedly confessed to being intoxicated and apologized for causing the accident. When her blood-alcohol was tested, her level was .33, which is over four times the legal limit. She was charged with drunken driving and leaving the scene of an accident.

Drunk driving charges can result in driver's license suspension and other legal penalties such as probation if convicted. Furthermore, defendants may be required to take pricey classes and have a device placed on the steering wheel of their vehicles. However, Maryland defendants have the right to dispute admissibility of evidence prosecutors wish to use against them, including the blood-alcohol test. The defendant is presumed innocent unless proved guilty in a criminal courtroom, and that is not always easy to accomplish.

Source: Daily Journal, "Maryland woman arrested on DUI, leaving accident scene after couple chased her car", Oct. 20, 2014