Maryland Man Arrested for DUI Charges

Most residents are aware that driving under the influence is not only unacceptable behavior, but it can also cause life-changing events for many people. In addition, being accused of driving under the influence can have effects on someone's freedom if convicted in a Maryland criminal courtroom. This is understandable since driving while intoxicated can lead to injuries or death. Nevertheless, someone who is faced with DUI charges is not automatically guilty, and they may defend against those charges.

Police were called out to a restaurant parking lot in regard to a driver who was unresponsive. Authorities allegedly discovered the driver -- a 47-year-old male -- to be sleeping in his vehicle. Upon further observation, authorities also discovered that there were drug paraphernalia and CDS in the seat that was beside the driver. Eventually, sobriety tests were administered by a Drug Recognition Expert, and the man was not able to pass any of them.

He was arrested for driving under the influence and drug paraphernalia. He is being held at a county detention center. No other information about this arrest has been reported.

If convicted, the man's DUI charges can have a negative impact on his life. Undoubtedly, Maryland defendants who have similar charges face jail time and also opportunities for employment with most employers. In addition, drivers' licenses may be suspended after being released, and defendants may have to continue an alcohol program on a regular basis. The possibility of having these consequences could be eliminated or reduced if defendants have knowledge of their legal rights and criminal court procedures.

Source:, "Calvert man arrested for DUI and possession of drugs", Nov. 18, 2014