Drug Charges Land a Young Maryland Man in Jail for 14 Years

After his arrest, drug charges landed a young Maryland man in jail for 14 years. Part of his sentence included time given because he also pleaded guilty to sex crimes. He officially entered a guilty plea for drug charges related to controlled substance distribution and sexual misconduct with a minor. Because he entered a guilty plea, the other 14 criminal counts against him were dropped.

According to Maryland police, the man was involved in a sexual relationship with a 14-year-old girl for approximately three months. He also pleaded guilty to injecting the girl with heroin while they were in a portable toilet. Engaging in a sexual relationship with a minor is strictly illegal and can carry serious legal repercussions. By injecting her with an illegal drug, he was technically engaging in distribution of drugs. There is no indication if he had given drugs to the girl before this incident.

Because of the serious nature of the charges and because these incidents also involved a minor, the man was sentenced to 14 active years in prison. Upon his release, he will submit to five years of probation. In addition to the active years he was sentenced to spend in prison, he was also sentenced to 26 years that were suspended.

In some criminal cases, it may be beneficial for the defendant to seek a plea deal with the prosecution. This may be the best way to secure the lowest possible fines and penalties for drug charges. Entering a guilty plea may not be the most beneficial option for everyone, but a personal evaluation of the circumstances could outline an individual's best plan.

Source: delmarvanow.com, "Man sentenced to 14 years in sex, drug crimes", , May 19, 2014