Maryland Taking Steps to Reduce Underage Drinking

In order to discourage underage drinking and erase the perception that it can be a popular decision, Maryland organizations have enacted an initiative focused on the subject. The initiative is a joint effort among several organizations to reduce overall underage drinking numbers, mainly focused in Calvert County. One of the ways that this new initiative plans to fight underage drinking is by changing the perception that it is a necessary part of being a teenager.

It may be well-known to Maryland readers that often underage drinking is caused by peer pressure and the need to fit in with other classmates. This is why much of this program will be focused on combating this issue in Calvert County schools. Many teenagers try alcohol for the first time at an event with other classmates or kids in their age group.

Underage drinking is illegal and there are repercussions for this action if someone under the age of 21 is caught drinking. Sadly, many teenagers say that their parents provide alcohol for them. This is also illegal and parents could face stiff penalties if they provide alcohol to a minor.

Even with new programs discouraging underage drinking and explaining the legal repercussions if caught, this is still a choice that many teenagers make. When a teenager is caught drinking or possessing alcohol, he or she could face jail time and other consequences. Even for juvenile crimes, such as underage drinking, it is possible and necessary for teenagers to defend themselves against any criminal charges. A mistake made while underage does not have to dictate the rest of a young life.

Source:, "Initiative aims at reducing underage drinking", Marty Madden, May 9, 2014