Maryland Police Chief Faces DUI Charges

It is very rare that Maryland residents learn that a high-ranking police officer was arrested, but it does happen. This appears to be the case after an incident in which a Maryland police chief, who previously worked as a state trooper, was arrested in a traffic stop. Now, the police chief is facing DUI charges and other traffic related offenses.

The arrest reportedly happened on a recent Sunday night in Princess Anne. He was apparently pulled over for a routine traffic stop and during that time, he was believed to be under the influence. He was arrested and charged with both driving under the influence and driving while intoxicated. He was also charged with following too closely.

According to a statement, the police chief was traveling in his own personal vehicle and was off duty at the time of the arrest. He was also not dressed in police uniform and he was not armed. In addition to his charges, he was also put on administrative leave per request of the defendant. No other details about this case have been reported.

Although the officer may have over 20 years of affiliation with the police department, a DUI charge is a serious allegation. A DUI conviction can result in legal penalties including the forfeiture of his badge and some time behind bars. While the potential consequences are severe, Maryland prosecutors need to prove that the police chief was intoxicated while driving in order to obtain a conviction. Defendants who are arrested for DUI charges can sometimes substantially reduce their criminal charges by gaining a full understanding of their legal rights as a case proceeds.

Source: CBS Washington, "Police Chief in Maryland Charged With DUI", , June 30, 2014